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Ryan Galbraith

Date of Birth: 
Date of Death: 
Thursday, April 25, 2013
Mt. Vernon, WA
Service Information: 
A celebration of Ryan’s life will take place on Saturday, May 11th at Lairmont Manor in Bellingham at 2:00 pm. Parking is limited and carpooling is encouraged.

Ryan Galbraith was born November 2, 1984 in Mount Vernon, Wash. He died on April 25, 2013 in Island County, Wash. He is survived by his parents, Kari and Rob Galbraith of Bellingham, Wash., his sister Sarah Jo Galbraith of Portland, Ore., “Monks” his cat (his constant feline companion), and many family and friends. All of whom love and miss him dearly.

Ryan graduated from Whatcom Technical College. He worked as a caregiver for the disabled. He remained a caregiver to friends and family all of his life and took devoted care of his cat, “Monks” as she also did of him.

Ryan loved bird watching, car trips in the Northwest, cooking and spending time with his family. He studied and created beautiful espresso art. He loved Frisbee golf, which he practiced avidly and enjoyed playing with his dad.

Ryan loved all music and was a natural musician. He played piano, guitar and bass and, one day, picked up his grandparent’s accordion and began playing Bob Dylan on it. He had a particular interest in exploratory electronic music and Audiobulb Records released two of his songs under his recording name, “Unscan.” Recently, Bach’s “Air on G String,” touched him deeply. He learned and played it with passion almost every day.

Ryan was constantly and quietly courageous. He was very loving and a person of deep integrity. We are all honored to know and love him.

“…once you become Real, you can’t become unreal again. It lasts for always.” - The Velveteen Rabbit

A celebration of Ryan’s life will take place on Saturday, May 11th at Lairmont Manor in Bellingham at 2:00 pm. Parking is limited and carpooling is encouraged.

Memorial donations in Ryan’s name may be made as follows:

-Whatcom Counseling and Psychiatric Clinic at: http://www.whatcomcounseling.org/how-to-help or 360-676-2220, ext. 3398

-NAMI of Whatcom County (National Alliance on Mental Illness) at: http://www.causes.com/actions/1750009-in-memory-of-ryan-galbraith or (360) 671-4950

Guestbook Entries

Submitted by Linda Du Bois on

I Love You Ryan - May you be at Peace now and free from all your troubles. I will miss you and the fun times we had together.
Love & Peace, Auntie Linda

Submitted by diane knutson on

My heart-felt sympathies to the entire family. May you find peace and treasure the best memories. With sincere empathy. Diane Knutson

Submitted by Diane Wood on

Kari and family.
I'm so sorry for your loss of Ryan.There's strength in love. Wishing you strength, comfort and healing.

Submitted by The Junes on

Our family is so sorry for your loss. We have fond memories of sweet and funny Ryan with Robert when they were in grade school. Our thoughts are with you in this difficult time.

Submitted by Nancy Grayum on

Rob, Kari, and Sarah, for more than 25 years you've shared some lovely stories of Ryan's growth with me.... from his "Christmas action figures" to his creative musical interests, the puzzling teen years and your shared Tae Kwan Do practice. Your tender hearts embraced this unique man completely, and I hope the letting go is gentle. Love to all....

Submitted by Benita Bowen on

Kari and Rob,

Please accept my sympathy. I am so very sorry for your loss. Love always survives.

Submitted by Mary Irvin (a.k... on

My healing thoughts and prayers go to Ryan's family. I was a teacher of Ryan's (and Sarah's) at Happy Valley School and remember him as a very sweet boy. He sounds as if he was a remarkable young man. I will remember him always.

I am sad for this loss, I did not know him or you family, however, I am in the same living he did. I too am a caregiver! If he believed as I do I look to god to take me home, or at least give me help in my moments of need as I help others. I tear as I see that one of gods helpers has been taken from the earth, and yet I tear with joy that god needs him up there. I have told my children to morn me for my leaving, but remember I will be in a happy place and know I am not sad, so I expect them to live on with life. I hope he thought that way also. As a caregiver it is like gods voice telling us to love others, with many struggles we have to make sure others have what it takes to survive, us caregivers never want to leave those we care for. Well god calls, and we listen, and with joy we follow. Thank God for his existence!!! Best wishes to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Ali Hunter on

So sad to see this news. I hired Ryan to work at Access Living in 2008-ish where he worked for at least a year with our developmentally disabled clients. I also happen to have lived at the same apartment complex as Ryan and often saw him outside practicing frisbee golf. My condolances to his family and friends. I have no doubt he will be greatly missed.

Submitted by Linda Kitchen on

Ryan worked for me at Access Living. He was a sweet young man. I'm very sorry for your loss. I'm sure he will be missed by all who knew and loved him.

Submitted by Linda Strock on

Kari,Rob and Sarah, I send your family light and love as you honor your precious Ryan. Your family was so supportive to Ryan which kept him strong. Love, Linda Strock

Submitted by Elena on

Ryan was a gentle soul and will be missed. My thoughts are with all his family and friends.

Submitted by Alexarc on

You were a great kid Ryan. I always enjoyed seeing you around town. I hope your family is able to find peace soon.

Submitted by Brian Lee on

You Will be missed, Ryan. Was great hanging out with ya out investigating, playing GO, or just slamming coffees. Take'r easy, budday.

Submitted by John Sortino on

R.I.P. Ryan. It is shocking that someone so young could be gone so soon. You will be missed. Goodbye.

Submitted by Jeremy, Amara, ... on

We are so sorry to learn of your loss. We are in Portland, Oregon, and are close friends with Sarah. We never had the pleasure of meeting Ryan, but know that he meant the world to Sarah. Our thoughts are with your whole family.

Love, Jeremy, Amara, & Vaeya

Submitted by ileana on

i will always remember talking comic books with you at sarah's and online. may you live in our hearts always. thank you for sharing yourself with so many of us. to sarah, kari, and rob...though i'm all the way in the midwest, my thoughts and love are with you. and i'll say a little prayer to have my mom watch over ryan
love always-

Submitted by Steve Kovacs on

Ryan, the brief time I knew you I thought you would touch many people in your path of life and you did, with many! God speed my friend you will souly be missed.

Steve K.

Submitted by Aunt Jude on

These pictures are so precious, memories fade but these bring them back like they were yesterday. I miss you dear Ry so much.

Submitted by Ray on

Ryan, you were one of the most kind and gentle people I've ever met. You were talented, fun, and you were friendly to every person you met. To me, our friendship outweighed most that I've had in my life, and you will forever be a significant positive influence in my life. It was an honor to have gotten to know you. I'm going to miss you, man...

Your friend,

Submitted by Larry and Maril... on

Rob and Kari,

Our hearts go out to you. It's so easy to forget about past connections and friendships, until the realities of life show us that we all share the same bonds, joys, and difficulties. We hope you'll find peace in the many memories and continuing thoughts you have of Ryan. Peace and love of the true type. Be well and take care of yourselves along the way.

Love, Larry and Marilyn

Submitted by Francis on

Rob and Family,

If I had ever the chance to spend time with your son Ryan I am sure that I would know him to be as gentle and loving a soul as his dad.
I cannot imagine the void you feel in your hearts or hope enough that my thoughts could somehow comfort you.


Submitted by Arian on

Ryan was a great person, an excellent caregiver, and a brilliant artist. I'm proud to have known him. Rest in peace, dude.


Submitted by Robert Eastman on

Ryan, you are such an amazing Man. You cared for our son and my father for many years. Our hearts are with the family of such a wonderful man.

Submitted by Susan Komsky on

Dear Rob and Kari, Linda Strock just sent me the tragic news of Ryan's death and I am heartbroken for you. I still have fond memories of the blond-haired boy, sitting in Rob's office. I remember when he started martial arts. And I remember all the things you did for him as he struggled with ADHD. Then I lost touch with you and Ryan and Sarah grew up -- and Ryan's diagnosis obviously became much more serious. This is so devastating -- Linda says you are getting wonderful support from those around you. I am glad of that. Absence has stretched our ties to the breaking point but they have not broken. I send you all the loving thoughts and prayers, hoping they will comfort you just a bit at this time. Fondly, Susan Komsky

Submitted by Colleen LaBotz on

Kari, Rob and Sarah, so many memories of Ryan and Brendan growing up together. I can see his sweet smile Still. I am so sorry that I was away and did not know. I send you gentle thoughts now in hopes to ease the loss. Ryan is only not physically available in this time and space, but surely is living in many hearts and will forever.

Submitted by VRS on

Sorry for your loss.

My dearest sympathies to your beloved family during this time of grief and sorrow. The Bible gives us hope which is very assuring in Job 5:20, where it states: "He will certainly redeem you from death."

Submitted by Lara Carter on

I knew Ryan in high school and we went to our first comic convention together, I just found out he passed away and I'm very sorry to hear so. I know he had troubled times when I knew him and we couldn't be friends for sometime because I worried about him. He taught me how to make sushi and took the best pictures of me I've ever seen, we joked about starting a joke band to make fun of the crazy hippy bands in town, he was a good person and I hope he's in a better place.

Submitted by Kari (mom) on

Lara, thank you for the note, for caring about Ryan. I remember taking him to the "con" at seatac. He was so excited about it. I was a nervous mom, him being on his own for the weekend. He was, and is a beautiful, gentle soul, an artist in everything he did. He is forever in our hearts, never far from our thoughts. It is good to hear how he touched your life. be well.

Submitted by Gina Biondolillo on

This is Gina Ryan's former friend. Do you remember me? I'm so sorry about our friendship not working out. I'm also really sorry to hear about Ryan's death. I'll pray for you guys. I didn't hear about Ryan's passing until tonight. A friend told me the news. 



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