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Richard “Dick” Bowman

Date of Death: 
Thursday, June 27, 2013
Wabash. Indiana
Service Information: 
Wednesday, July 3, 3:00PM at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, 1525 Electric Ave., Bellingham, WA

Richard “Dick” Bowman passed away June 27, 2013 at his home surrounded by his wife, six children and their families to whom he had been an exceptionally attentive and loving husband, father, and grandpa.

Dick is survived by his wife Ednamae; sisters Nancy Armstrong and Harriet Hartman; sons Joel(Tamie), Seth(Kim), Barak, and Doug Baumgart(Danielle); daughters Pippa Dobie(Scott) and Wendy Malick(Gary); grandchildren Allison Masciotra, Megan Blakely(Cuff), Erica Tayaq(Antonio), Nathan and Levi Malick, Savannah and Koltan Baumgart, and Liam and Levi Dobie.

He was a professor and track coach at Western Washington University and was named Coach of the Year in 1971 after winning the District Cross Country meet.

However, his greatest love was helping people learn about the Creator as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses for the last 50 years.

Services will be held Wednesday, July 3, 3:00PM at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, 1525 Electric Ave., Bellingham.

Guestbook Entries

Submitted by Wendy Malick on

My father was a generous, kind man who would help anyone and everyone. He would give anything to everyone what they needed. He would listen, commend, empathize, feed them, give them money or give them a place to stay. He was a wonderful example of the “Good Samaritan” he would help all who crossed his path in life with such kindness and love. He was not just a father to me and my siblings but he was father to many.
As his daughter, I am going to miss him, but I hope to carry on his kindness and love. His impact on life was huge but he was a humble man who never thought too much of himself but demanded so much of himself.
He also loved to teach or as I always teased ‘coach’. He was an excellent athlete and if he saw talent or even just effort he would comment and educate. And he would not give up on you. He preached the “Good News” of our creator with the same gusto. He touched many lives and he will be missed terrible but to all those people whom he touched keep learning from him and reach out and help someone. With love, Wendy

Submitted by Scott Dobie on

Richard, as he has with many, welcomed me into his family so many years ago and for that I am eternally grateful. If you knew Richard for any period of time you came away with stories and I have enjoyed hearing and sharing the many stories and experiences with friends and family. My favorite story is one that I was not present for initially but changed my life. In 1986 I called the Bowman house to ask Pippa on a date. As the story goes Pippa had just recoverd from a month long illness and was not overly excited about the idea. As so many family and friends had done over the years, Pippa sought her father's advice. Out of love and concern for his daughter and I like to think an extension of faith and trust in me, he responded " I think you should go and have a good time." That act of love, faith, kindness and trust afforded me the privilege of marrying his wonderful daughter and sharing that life with our two sons, Liam and Levi. "Love....bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” I count myself privileged to have known him and to have been his son-in-law.

Submitted by Richard Foley on

I am glad to say that I knew Coach Bowman. When I arrived at Western Washington University from a Junior College, Coach Bowman welcomed me to the WWU track team and helped me to grow as a person and athlete. I remember him well for his patience while we exerted our young enthusiasm and energy. I am proud to have been a member of Coach Bowman's 1971 and 1972 WWU track team.

Submitted by Tim Tubbs on

I was blessed to be a member of his WWSC Cross Country teams. Coach Bowman built his squads based upon character and relationships as much as actual training. The success of the 1971 squad mentioned in his profile was directly related to his holistic approach.
Coach was a much needed father figure to me and I certainly gave him ample opportunities to test his parenting skills. Regardless of the condition at hand, Coach always presented that signature smile along with a few nurturing and significant words.
His family way of coaching is the legacy I share in some fashion every day with my family or with the team that I am helping to coach today. I recall the tumbling and balance activities in the yard; particularly with Wendy, the trip to the Seaside Marathon with Seth and Joel, or spear fishing for ling cod in the bay; to name but a few. Being an athlete was more than just running.

I am a much better person because of the influences generated by Richard Bowman. I am forever grateful and will continue to think of him.

My best to the entire family during this time.

Tin Tubbs

Submitted by lesley thorgeirson on

Whens your next volley ball game????? Thats how i grew up with Wendy and Pip, I remember Richard was always so kind to me and my family, He hugged me every time just like I was one of his own daughters making me feel welcome as did Eddie always. It was a great place for witness kids to grow up, as we all struggled with the outside pressures of the world, school and just growing up he made his home and family open to us all. To the three boys, my sympathys love and prayers go out to u for the future and now , and to my dear girlfriends, a love between father and daughter cannot be replaced. Please remember the happy times and m ay our God of Comfort give the strength u need, as u try to continue your lives ahead ,and as in our loss of mom which was the same day as his, Jehovah will not let you bear more than u can stand......... Agape' Lesley, Barry and twins

Submitted by Tamie Bowman on

What a gift he gave to his family as a loving, kind husband and father. His parenting with Eddie created amazing children who have imitated there parents example. I have had the privilege of having 33 years of happy family life and raised to daughters with his son Joel because of his loving ways. He has given me one of the best gifts a women can ever have, a husband who is a loving father, kind, tender and treats me with dignity. All of these things he did so well and I will always love him for that. I look forward to the day of his resurrection when this empty space without him will be no longer. And he will be able to do the things he loved doing with his family doing them forever!

Submitted by Jan Wade on

It was my privilege to know Dick Bowman. He was an example in so many ways, but the biggest lesson he taught me was never to give up on others or myself. He was a faithful friend. When my wife died a couple of years ago he silently supported me. He simply and often looked me in the eyes and talked to me. It wasn't what he said, I mean after all there isn't too much to say at a time like that, it was the absolute assurance he gave me that everything was going to be alright and that he would be there for me. It was all and everything he could give to me in that terrible moment. It was perfect Christian love. It was Dick Bowman.

John 13:35 - By this all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love among yourselves.

Submitted by Gail Armstrong on

I met Uncle Dick and family shortly after I married his nephew, David Armstrong. Yes, Dick was a great athlete but what struck me more was his genuine interest in people, both those who believed the way he did and those who embraced different customs and beliefs. He was very handsome but what he really cultivated was the inner qualities that matter most including love for his family and his one true love, his wife. I could tell from the start how devoted he was to Aunt Eddie plus he honored her opinions and valued her strengths. They worked as a team and were a sterling example of what a permanent bond marriage should be, the way Jehovah God intended for two people to spend their married lives together building a family that would then produce their own solid families. By his deeds, Uncle Dick made an excellent name with Jehovah God that will not be forgotten. We are confident that he has now firmly taken his place in Jehovah's memory and will soon be called back to a healthy life. He will be sorely missed but we will always admire his example of what it means to be a real man in every sense of the word.

Submitted by Debbie and Glen... on

We had the privilege of meeting Brother and Sister Bowman during the months of Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort, here in New Orleans 2005-6. Tami and Joel, and Megan were down helping us rebuild our lives. Brother and Sister Bowman came to see their family and we loved having them with us. He had a passion for his family, and his worship of the True God, Jehovah. We are all privileged to have had such a wonderful man in our spiritual heritage. Our love and condolences to the Bowman family. The Arceneauxs, New Orleans LA.

Submitted by Jim and Emma Sh... on

Dear Eddie and family:

We can't begin to express the depth of our feelings for all of you over the loss of someone so treasured and special. We have sent a card to you to express in detail just a small sample of many of our thoughts. You, as a family, have set a fine spiritual example for all of us with Dick taking the lead and you, Eddie, as his support. And, your family has followed your fine spiritual examples!

May all of you find comfort in the knowledge that you were a close-knit family and always there for each other when needed. Of course, the best comfort of all comes from the knowledge that we will see Dick again during the resurrection when he is raised from the dead to enjoy perfect health on a paradise earth. (John 5:28, 29) Then all of us will soon see the fulfillment of Ps. 37:29 "The righteous will possess the earth and live forever upon it."

Our thoughts and prayers are with you as all of you try in your own ways to cope with your loss. Jehovah promises to fortify you, to be with you, to help you and to REALLY keep fast hold of you with his right hand of righteousness. (Isa. 41:10)

Jim and Emma Shephard

Submitted by Deborah Kors on

Dearest Bowman Family,

Like I said to each one of you individually at meeting, I have no words, I have only hugs. And we all have the hope of seeing Dick in the new order when he is resurrected to a paradise earth. My last encounter with Dick was being out in service with him....his zeal and perserverance is forever etched in my mind.

May Jehovah God comfort you all and give you the strength needed to endure to the end.

Debbie Kors

Submitted by tami on

At a time in your life when you are young and need confidence in yourself, Dick gave you that! Becoming friends with his daughter Wendy added so much to my life at a time when I needed good association with other young people. Dick loved young people and he and Eddie ALWAYS opened their home to young ones who needed good Christian association. No video games or technology, just good outdoor fun! My sister and I loved his 'coaching' in volleyball and in the ministry. Always open and loving with his suggestions! I remember Dick and Eddie offering their cottage next door to live in so Wendy and I could volunteer in the ministry, and Eddie helping me Iron...both of them always so generous. And now as a parent of 3 I look back at his example and his strong faith; the mandatory Watchtower studies the next morning if you spent the night. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his entire family and we love you all and know that Jehovah, the true God of Comfort will be with you until you see him again in perfect conditions here on earth. All our Love, Tami & Steve Church

Submitted by Gary Malick on

I will really miss Dick, he has to be the best example I have ever known of someone who truly gave of himself, the old saying that he would give the shirt off his back , would in Dicks case need to include the shirt would be ironed and have matching pants. He really taught me a lot, from the bible to gardening to just being a better person, it has been a honor to know him

Submitted by Russele Jensen on

Just wanted to say I appreciated the glowing comments I read about Brother Bowman. Although we did not know him nor all of his family, our daughter, Carmen McNamer always spoke highly of 'Pippa and her family...how kind and supportive they were to her over these past years. Glad she could be with Pippa at this 'sad' time. Awaiting with all of you, Jehovah's promise to 'restand' our sleeping friends and relatives in Paradise. Your sister, Russele Jensen

Submitted by Tyler Wollin on

I will greatly miss the smile and big hug I would get every time I saw Dick at assemblies and conventions. I was a skinny runt of a boy when I first met the Bowman family. I remember coming up with the Harrold boys and playing volleyball, basketball, pickle ball and on and on. Dick always made me feel included as if I was part of the family. The legacy that Dick leaves behind is a spiritual legacy. Not only in his family, but with ones who have had the privilege of learning about Jehovah with his help. I deem it my privilege and honor to have know Dick even for a little while. My families love to your family. We can't wait to welcome him back in the new world.
Wollin family

Submitted by Jim and Barbie ... on

I was saddened to learn of the loss of an old friend, I first met Dick in the mid '70s when I coached Joel and Seth and often traveled to cross country meets with Dick's Western teams. It was easy to see that he was a strong, loving and involved parent. As a coach, he was a true student of the sport, always seeking more information, always learning. Years later we hooked up again as he was an occasional Witness knocking at my door. Dick was a true student of the Bible who lived the life he preached. He will be missed, but his influence on so many will remain.

Submitted by Dana Church on

Dick had so much interest in others.. You could see his sincerity in his eyes. We enjoyed spending time at their home with the whole family. We remember the way he lived and the way he taught and coached, and we truly admired him. It was a privilege to know him. He and his wife, Eddie, raised real kids the old fashioned way, lots of time together playing and learning, and sharing with others. I have related to my friends over the years some of the fun stories and things I learned from both Dick and Eddie. He shared his hope with many, the real hope of everlasting life on a paradise earth mentioned so often in the Bible. As a silly teen, I remember showing up to play volleyball in my pink Reeboks (the 80's) jewelry, watch, and he kindly smiled and told me these aren't helpful in the game. I removed them! I loved his no nonsense attitude! He will be missed terribly. Our hearts and prayers are with all of you.

Submitted by Rob Maez on

My family and I were deeply saddened when we heard of the passing of Dick, It seems as though with our busy lives that we fail to take the time to pay attention to what matters most, our time that we spend with one another. My memories of Dick is someone that took the time to see the value in everyone that he met.I have heard countless stories of how he would pick up a hitchhiker, offer his home as a place to stay or extend his hand to someone in need regardless of their station in life. When I think about the man he was I only hope that I can someday become half of what he was in his life. Dick had a very strong faith in his creator as one who can set matters straight in regards to the worlds condition, he spent his life trying to share his hope for the future with all he came in contact with. His family is a testament to what was most important in his life. Joel, Seth, Barak, Pippa and Wendy you should be proud of the man that is you father as I know you are. Serving his creator and showing love to all that he came in contact with. We will all miss him dearly but have confidence that our God that we serve will reunite us together again in a paradise earth that he has promised when the final blow of death will be no more. As servants of our God Jehovah that we serve we look forward to the near future when we will sing together "Life Without End-At Last!" (John 3:16) Until that time may we; who grieve reflect on the man that Dick was and what was most important in his life. Namely serving his creator and showing love to one another 1 Corinthians 13:13 "Faith, Hope,Love... the greatest of these is Love." I know that if he could say something to us all as we reflect on his life, as a Father, Shepherd and a Coach, it would be, ignore the pain in your legs its only temporary "The race is not over do not give up you can see the finish line... run hard and run fast." (Hebrews 12:1) I look forward to welcoming him back in the new world when the sting of death will be no more!!

Submitted by Carmen McNamer on

What a blessing it is to know the Bowman family, the inspiration of faith that they have been to me, even from afar. The handful of moments that I shared with Dick and the family, will always be a special memory for me to hold. He and Eddie were always so welcoming and kind when I bombarded their home when my dearest friend, their wonderful daughter, Pippa would be visiting. Whether Dick tried to get me to play volley-ball (which I am not so swift at) or whoop me at a game of ping pong (which was fun even though I lost drastically) or chat about my love of running, he occurred ever 'present' in the moment, which made those moments last in my memory and gave me an example to pass on the gift of being 'present' with my son, Jackson. Even with Dick not physically present, his love of Jehovah, family and people will continue on through his family. I am inspired just seeing the effort made to sail the "Good News" through any means available in distant lands and the steadfast example that Eddie sets for all of us, even in times of heartfelt distress. My family and I look forward to having 'eternity' to spend with Dick & Eddie and the Bowman family who have forever made an impression in my life. Thank you Pippa, for being who you are and sharing your wonderful Dad and family with me. You all will continue to be in my prayers. Your sister, Carmen

Submitted by Seth Bowman on

I have had a very difficult time writing this about Dad. How could I ever in a short space put into words what he meant to me. I think Dad reflects our heavenly father well in how he cares for his children. The name “Jehovah” means he causes to become. So Jehovah becomes whatever his servants need him to be. My Dad did that well for us children as well. He has been there for us our entire life, providing everything we needed physically, mentally and emotionally. Guiding us down life’s path, teaching us how to use our bible trained conscience to make decisions that would please our creator. He has been a friend, confidant, coach, fan, disciplinarian and protector (ohhh the stories I could tell!). He provided the discipline and direction I needed as a child and the support I needed as an adult. Yet no matter what form the discipline took, you always knew he loved you and had your best interest at heart.

Dad taught us to enjoy activities and participated in them with us his entire life, right up until the end he continued to be a stiff challenge on the ping pong table. I look forward to welcoming him back and trying to keep up with him in his “youth”.

I would be remiss not to mention my mother. Dad could not be the man or father he was without her self sacrifice and unfailing support. We were truly blessed to have wonderful parents, and I pray they are reunited in the new system so that our family can keep making beautiful memories together! Job 14:14, 15

Love you Dad.

Submitted by Allison on

My grandpa was a kind, generous, spiritually mature and hospitable man. I have always loved knowing that if I mentioned his name to someone, they would invariably smile and have something kind to say. He always made it very easy to be proud to be a part of this family, and that family was always growing, as he would take in anyone who would like to be a part of it. If you got a great spike in our family volleyball games, you were a shoe-in. Those volleyball games were where I learned some important things in life: to commend someone for success (Nice hit!), to commend someone on their effort (Good try!) and to apologize when you make a mistake (My fault!). Grandpa never missed an opportunity to coach and teach. Sometimes that got frustrating as a kid but now I look back on it and see it for the care, kindness, and personal interest it really was.

Oftentimes adults like to ask kids what they look forward to in the new system. I probably most often replied with something like, "Riding a jaguar." But I also thought how much I would really like to see my grandpa restored to excellent health, and see to him get to do the physical things he so loved to do. Even in his older years he was so impressive to me with what he could do, playing ping pong and pickleball and volleyball. He kept at them much longer than he should have, diving for the ball and doing somersaults that he certainly paid for later...I couldn't wait to see what my grandpa was like in his prime. I'm still looking forward to that.

Some of my fondest memories are the gatherings we had at grandma and grandpa's house, the kids jumping on the trampoline, Barak doing the "Mashed Potatoes" dance and backflips to live music in the garage, and grandpa's face lit up with laughter. Their house has always been a happy one; "camping" with Barak in the backyard, doing "drills" on the court, learning to do seat drops and table turns on the trampoline. There were a lot of spiritual conversations, too. I always appreciated that he taught his kids and grandkids that loving Jehovah didn't mean following a list of rules, but reasoning and making decisions in such a way as to please Jehovah and make Him proud. I know he has made Jehovah proud. I only hope to welcome him back soon and hopefully have him see I have done the same.

Submitted by tami & steve church on

Well said Seth! Especially the part about your awesome mom! So so true, the woman behind the man! They are and will always be a special "couple".
All our love and prayers, tami and steve

Submitted by Bonnie Clocker ... on

Dear Bowman Family,
Many years ago, Eddie patiently studied the Bible with our mom. We grew up with many stories about the Bowman family, and have always thought of them with a special fondness. Thanks to Dick and Eddie, our family had the opportunity to learn the truth about God and his purpose for humankind. What a privilege! Brother Bowman set such a fine example of what a real Christian is like. We hope to imitate his kindness and spirituality. We look forward to seeing him again one day in Paradise. (John 11:25) May it comfort the Bowman family to know that he is missed by many from afar! And also knowing that he is in Jehovah's "book of remembrance" (Malachi 3:16). Sending much love and condolences to Eddie and all of the Bowman family. The Clocker Family

Submitted by Robert McAfee on

A Special Man
The passing of such a loving a father, husband and a friend is a pain to be wished upon no one.

I am thankful to have known Dick and his family. His legacy continues in his family as they live by the same values and integrity he did. Eddie is also to be admired for her can-do spirit, generosity and unwavering support of Dick.

As a young person I first came to know the Bowman family through the kids. I observed that their love for one another is as strong as any that can be found in a family.
Going through high school with Joel, Seth and Barrack gave me a good influence Things would not turned out as well for me without their fine examples in my formative years.

The live music, sing alongs and games at the Bowman house were so much fun. The Taitano boys (George and Dave) would play guitars; Kim (Bowman) would play piano too. There were many games of all kinds; volleyball, basketball, table tennis, football, cricket and of course, Eddies bible games.

Athletics can be quite intimidating to some, but Dick and his family could get anyone involved and in no time even the most un-athletic person would soon be playing volleyball. No one really knew what the score was and didn’t care; they were all having such a great time. Dick and his family always made you feel worthy and appreciated no matter how bad you played

Without doubt Dick has been a most influential man in my life.
He had many children of his own yet he embraced other young people as if they were also his own. When he talked to me I knew he was giving me his undivided attention. I was always amazed that how he knew just what I needed. Whether it was commendation or some sage advice, it was always heartfelt and just for me.

The physical man sees only the physical things. The spiritual man can see both spiritual and physical things. Dick was a spiritual man for he could certainly see both. I remember he once took an entire week off from work not to take a trip or to have lot’s of fun but just to read the bible and meditate in his room. Working with him in the ministry, I remember once how Dick appealed to the reasoning of a woman who usually just slammed the door on us. He turned her objection around into an excellent witness on neutrality. Dick had a gift of reaching the heart of almost anyone.

One of his sayings handed down through his boys was “You can do anything you really want to”. Each of his boys must have believed in that as I have watched them become successful at everything they do.

I regret that I didn’t say this to Dick before he passed away, so now best way I can say it is to his family. The success and prestige in sports and coaching Dick surrendered to better serve Jehovah made a deep impression on me. I really believe his sacrifice of career in college sports helped his family put spiritual things first. In fact what he did helped more people than he could have imagined.

He continued on in coaching but in a far better way than he could have done in competitive sports by helping all of us better serve and appreciate Jehovah. I know this because what he did made a difference in my life too. It is therefore no surprise that so many hundreds of these friends were at his memorial.

I look forward now to the time when I can say it to him in person and get that strong, firm handshake of his and a hug. Till that day he lives on in our memories and best of all in Jehovah’s memory. It will all be so better than before.
Thank you Dick, Eddie and the family for being who you are and sharing so much of yourself with others.

Submitted by Douglas Alvarado on

Saludo cristiano desde Costa Rica. El hermano Bowman sirvio fielmente y tenemos la esperanza de la resurreccion. Sigamos todos fieles para vivir en el nuevo mundo.

Submitted by Levi Dobie on

I love you grandpa you were the best grandpa A boy could ever have. Love Levi

Submitted by Levi Dobie on

My Grampa was the best grampa in the world. I have one fond memorie of Grampa helping me and Levi bounce on the trampoline. Also the time where my Grampa and me and Levi sat on Grampas lap and he was on the tractor. My favorite memorie was when I got bit by harvey. I was playing with a toy shark on Grampas lap. Most of these moments I have treasured til this day. I can't wait to see him in the paradise because we will able to talk with him and he will have the strength as when he was 20 and he could teach so much more. I can't wait to see him again.

Submitted by Pippa Dobie on

When I was little I thought my Dad was like a Super Hero because he was so strong, a protector of his family and those whom he came accross that he felt needed protecting. I remember telling other kids, that I thought were mean, that " My Dad could kick your Dads butt!" I was such a sweet soft spoken little girl, ha ha ha. I loved my Dad so very much as a little girl that I never wanted to displease him. Even when I did do things that I knew would displease him, he still showed compassion for me, generously forgiving me when I did wrong. Dad even amazed me as an adult, where there would be things I did not think he would understand or that I thought he might be critical of but when I did share some of these things with him he was so empathetic, compassionate and humble. Dad loved to learn about spiritual things but he also was willing to learn to grow personally, as an individual, to see where he could improve. So you can see why Dad made it so easy for me to love our Creator Jehovah as a Father, when he demonstrated love so beautifully to me as one of his kids. So as has been said already, I can hardly wait for the time to have Dad back in good health, energetic and ready to enjoy the "real life" he taught his family as well as strangers about. Thank you Dad and Mom for being the very wonderful parents you are and have been.
Love you,

Submitted by Tim Cool on

It came as a shock to me to learn that Dick had passed away. I've moved away from the area, but the positive influence Dick and the whole Bowman family had in my life is immeasurable. Basketball, volleyball...whatever sport, you always felt inlcuded and had a memorable time at the Bowman's.

There can be no finer "letters of recommendation" than his children. I look forward to seeing Dick and his happy smile again in the new world our Creator will soon bring.

Love to the family and friends.

Your style is unique compared to other folks I have read stuff from.
Many thanks for posting when you have the opportunity,
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